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Alfreda Williams (Best)
July 17, 1949 Retired/Office Manager Married 3
Daughter of Mary Williams or as most of you know her as Aunt Mary or(Libby)Iam married to Floyd Sr. I have 3 children. Angela Harrison,Eleshia Best Thomas and Floyd Jr. We have 5 grandchildren,Tiffanie,Tannera,Tristen,Querell and Khalil and 1 great grandchild Kaelyn 
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Angela Nelson (Bullock)
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March 07, 1971 Social Services Representative Single 1
I am Carissa Bullock, the granddaughter of Nesbitt & Cleola Shippy, daughter of Frances Miller. I reside in Prince Georges County Maryland. Send CARISSA a MessageSend CARISSA a Message
Sherri Davis (Earle)
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November 16, 1962 Relationship Banker Married 1
I am the daughter of Marie Shippy Davis.  Husband Kelvin L Earle & daughter Shannon Nicole Earle.  Send Sherri a MessageSend Sherri a Message
johnette smith (grant)
receptionist/administrative assistant Widowed 1

My name is Johnette Grant I am the 2nd child of Sadie Shippy Smith & Joe Smith

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Verona Davis (Jackson)
January 03, 1957 Computer Technician Single Again 3
I am the oldest child of of Marie Shippy Davis. In addition to my three children I have four grandchildren. Send Verona a MessageSend Verona a Message
Miracle Jones
I am tha grandchild of Sadie & Joe Smith daughter of Larry & Santa Jones (4th child) Send Miracle a MessageSend Miracle a Message
Alexis Lee
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March 06, 1996 student
I am Alexis Lee, the granddaughter of Frances Miller and the youngest daughter of Brad and Lisa Lee. I'm currently in 10th grade at Clinton Christian School.
Brittany Lee
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Freelance Writer / Credit Assistant
I am the granddaughter of Frances Miller and the eldest daughter of Bradley and Celecia Lee. I graduated from Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore with my bachelor's degree in Communication (specializing in Journalism) in May 2012. I am a freelance entertainment writer, currently balancing writing and a full time job as a credit assistant.  Send Brittany a MessageSend Brittany a Message
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I am the son of Ben and Wyoline Littlejohn...I have two children...Camille and Darryl Jr...I married Lucille in Jan. 13, 2007...Lucille has three children...Eric, Paul and include three grandchildren...(what a deal)...Erika 14, Alanza 7 and Cesar 2...we also have a darling dog...Llaso Apsos...her name is Sochi...she is 8 years old...we live in San Jose and love to spend time traveling in our Motorhome with Ben and Wyoline...recently ...for Ben's 80th birthday...we went to the Reno Blues and Jazz festival and as VIP guests...hee,hee...we look forward to attending the 2008 family reunion and celebrating the meeting of everyone...
love you all...

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